Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be billed?

We offer several options for billing on your contract with NEC Financial Services.

Take advantage of having your monthly payments automatically deducted from your checking or savings account via Authorization for Preauthorized Withdrawals (ACH Debits).

Where do I send my payment?

Payments can be sent to the lock box remit to address on your invoice from NEC Financial Services or you can use the payment address under Lock Box address or via overnight courier.

Can I get a copy of my lease agreement?

Yes, please submit a request to our Customer Service department through our Customer Service form. We provide one courtesy copy if requested within the first year of lease commencement. In all other cases, the fee is $25.00 per copy. You can request expedited service for an additional $10.00 per copy.

Will I be charged a late fee?

Payments received after your grace period, as provided in your agreement with NEC Financial Services, a late fee will be assessed according to the terms of the agreement.

Will I have to pay property taxes?

In accordance with the regulations of the taxing authority where the equipment is located, and provided your lease is a "true" lease, NEC Financial Services, as owner of the equipment, is required to report this equipment for personal property tax assessment. NEC Financial Services will invoice you for property taxes as stipulated in your agreement If your agreement is a finance agreement, with a nominal purchase option value, you are responsible for reporting the property.

Does NEC Financial Services charge for insurance?

As stipulated in the lease contract, you are required to maintain insurance against loss, theft, damage, or destruction of the equipment. NEC Financial Services requires a copy of the certificate of insurance for this equipment listing NEC Financial Services as "loss payee" and "additional insured".

Can the equipment be purchased before the end of the lease contract term?

NEC Financial Services can offer a courtesy (up to 2 requests per calendar year) early buyout by request using our Customer Service form on our Customer Service section on our website. There is a nominal charge for any requests in excess of 2 per calendar year.

Is it possible to upgrade or add-on to my original lease?

NEC Financial Services provides cost effective upgrade and add-on alternatives.

Can this lease be canceled?

No, but you may trade-up this equipment and lease new equipment prior to the end of the lease.

When a customer does not provide 60-90 days notice of intent to return equipment does NEC Financial Services enforce the 60 day renewal term in the lease agreement?

Yes, as stated on Lease Agreement we enforce renewal for 60 day period. At least 60 but not more than 90 days prior to the expiration this lease or any renewal. You shall notify us in writing of your intention to either exercise the purchase option, if any, or return the equipment to us; and this lease will automatically renew for successive 60 day periods at the same rental until you exercise an option or return the equipment to us.

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